American Made, No Harmful Chemicals, Perfect for You!

 American-made incontinence and homecare solutions with no harmful chemicals

At Salk, restoring your quality of life is our top priority. That means we offer only the best incontinence and homecare products. American made, with the highest quality materials and workmanship, and no harmful chemicals, including heavy metals, phthalates, or latex, our comprehensive line brings a new level of confidence, control and comfort to your everyday life. Explore our vast collection, and find the perfect product for you.

Washable incontinence men’s briefs and women’s panties.  

Discover cool comfort and long-lasting protection in every pair of Salk’s American-made incontinence briefs and panties. We bring you an ultra-breathable solution, made with a delicate blend of cotton, Nylon/Lycra stretch fabric, and ultra-soft materials designed for sensitive skin. Let go of embarrassment, and leave leaks and bulkiness behind.

Reusable underpads, bed pads, and chair pads.

Our waterproof reusable underpads feature a sturdy, quilted, three-layer construction designed to absorb, trap, and control liquids — the perfect waterproof, non-slip surface to protect your chairs, wheelchairs, and mattress.

Disposable adult pads and liners.

We made our disposable incontinence pads and liners thin, discreet, and comfortable to wear. A soft, waterproof outer layer pairs perfectly with wide adhesive strip tape that easily adheres to any fabric or plastic surface with no sticky residue. Browse our budget-friendly, take-anywhere, easily disposable incontinence pads for use with disposable briefs or regular underwear.

Odor control technology.

Feel secure and protected against embarrassing odors with HaloShield™ — a special coating offering advanced antimicrobial protection. Salk’s odor control technology eliminates unpleasant odors by binding chlorine bleach with our highly absorbent materials. HaloShield™ products kill 99.9% of all odor-causing bacteria within minutes of contact.

Assorted healthcare apparel.

Discover only the best materials and workmanship from Velcro closures to waterproof backing to soft “polycotton”. Experience all-day comfort, convenience, and safety in our comprehensive line of products from industry-leading SureGrip™ slipper socks, to soft and warm healthcare gowns in a range of styles and materials.

Waterproof bedding and allergy relief.

Dream without disruption from uncomfortable wetness or allergy-induced sneezing, wheezing, or eczema. Our fully washable, single-texture soft sheeting features a winning combination of flannel face and waterproof rubber backing. Our anti-microbial-treated mattress covers and pillow protectors combat dust mites and their allergens, helping you enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Diabetic care.

Specially formatted with Borage oil, our diabetic skin creams are clinically proven to relieve dry, cracked skin, and promote the growth of new skin cells to prevent future dryness. Find relief in a fragrance-free product made in the U.S.A., with no animal ingredients or testing. We also offer ultra-comfortable diabetic socks that increase levels of oxygen in the skin for improved circulation.