Learn Why Adult Cloth Briefs Are Popular and More Affordable

A popular undergarment option, adult cloth briefs are comfortable, affordable, and convenient

Technology has revolutionized virtually every aspect of our lives, and that includes the undergarment options available to people who suffer from incontinence. No longer are the choices confined to awkwardly shaped, ill-fitting and uncomfortable briefs and panties that do only a passable job of controlling moisture.

For example, advances in materials and product design have greatly improved the comfort and functionality of washable, reusable cloth undergarments, giving them a considerable advantage over disposable diaper products. In fact, unlike disposables, in appearance many washable briefs and panties are hardly even distinguishable from traditional underwear.

But the difference goes way beyond what you can see. After all, what counts most is the degree of comfort that you feel. In today’s latest generation of washables, layers of high-performance fabric are engineered to provide sophisticated moisture and odor control systems. The layers efficiently disperse moisture evenly to avoid clumping, and move wetness away from the body, minimizing the chances of skin irritation or rashes. An ultra-soft lining keeps the skin dry, while a breathable outer layer promotes evaporation. Incontinence products featuring HaloShield™ have a special coating that provides antimicrobial protection and eliminates unpleasant odors, so that if you have an “accident”, no one will know but you.

You’ll feel comfortable and your clothing will remain spot-free. What’s more, it’s all done without vinyl or rubber. But the advantages of washable cloth briefs and panties don’t stop there. The list goes on:

Affordability.  Reusable garments are much more economical than disposables in the long run, even though their cost is greater up front. Comparisons have found that the savings can be as much as $1,000 over the course of a year.

Privacy.  Washable cloth undergarments create no tell-tale bulges that distort the fit of your clothing, nor do they make noise when you move, as disposables commonly do.

Ease of care, and durability.  Washables are cared for just like regular underwear. And they are designed to keep their shape for a long life cycle.

Range of choices.  Both men’s and women’s washables come in a full range of sizes and absorbencies. There’s no need to sacrifice good fit.

Environmental benefits.  Here’s a surprising fact: adult disposable diapers now comprise a larger share of landfill waste than baby diapers. They require centuries to decompose and release methane gas while doing so, an important contributing factor in global warming. Washables are far more beneficial for the environment.

In sum, better quality of life.  That’s really what the advantages of washable adult cloth briefs and panties add up to: quality of life. They give you more freedom to be yourself, and save you money in the bargain.

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