Waterproof and Allergy-Relief Bedding for Ultra Comfort

Everyone enjoys a good night’s sleep. But how can you rest when uncomfortable wetness or allergy-induced sneezing, wheezing or eczema disturbs your dreams? Let Salk help you sleep soundly with our premium selection of waterproof and allergy-relief bedding.

Our CareFor™ Flannel/Vinyl Waterproof Sheeting is your go-to solution against wetness, offering complete protection for bedding, mattresses and chairs. Our fully washable, single-texture soft sheeting features a flannel face and waterproof vinyl backing.

If you lose sleep from allergies, place your trust in our specially designed PrimaCare™ line. Discover waterproof, anti-microbial-treated mattress covers and pillow protectors designed to combat dust mites and their allergens.

We also offer innovative solutions in home care bedding — including our BedMates Home Hospital Bedding Set.

Sleep tight with Salk.