Salk Urinary Incontinence Facts and Resources

What is urinary incontinence? How common is a loss of bladder control? What can you do to reduce your risk of developing incontinence? There are many important questions to ask. And you deserve the answers. Salk’s mission is to educate you on the sensitive topic of urinary incontinence and alleviate your concerns with a comprehensive collection of urinary incontinence facts and resources. We aim to shed light on the widespread condition.

Did you know that 25 million Americans deal with incontinence? It’s true. And clearly, you’re not alone. People with bladder issues and incontinence problems need the right information and support – and Salk wants to lend you a helping hand. For severity ranging from “just a small leak” to a complete loss of bladder control, we invite you to explore our urinary incontinence facts and resources. Knowledge is power - so use it to regain your comfort and confidence. Quality of life begins with Salk.