Testimonial from BAM-Deluxe Underpads

I want to write and thank you for making a superior product. I am a paraplegic that has had incontinence issues for over 40 years. I have clung onto two underpads for at least twenty years that you manufactured. Despite having used several other pads in various sizes, I prefer to keep reusing yours. The others are all inferior to your products.

Your bottom layer provides the best waterproofing and manages to move in unison with the other layers in the pad. Therefore, it’s relatively easy to straighten out the wrinkles. In other words the pad acts as a single-layer quilt or blanket. All layers move as one “sheet” with minor separation from one another.

Please continue to make a superior product. We end users, especially the ones like me who are independent and do not have a staff holding every corner as we get on and off the bed or chair, will really appreciate it.

The other pads are hardly worth the effort.

Thanks for hearing me out. Have a great day!

– BAM, Hendersonville, NC