How to Choose the Right Urinary Incontinence Product

Urinary incontinence is a physical condition with emotional and social side effects that creates a sensitive situation for both you and your loved one.  It’s understandable why a person dealing with incontinence might feel embarrassed about their condition, and as caregivers we can only imagine the loss of dignity that comes with wearing bulky, noisy protective undergarments. Most people dealing with urinary incontinence want the same thing: discreet and effective incontinence management that eliminates embarrassment and doesn’t disrupt the enjoyment of daily life.

Looking for help choosing the right urinary incontinence product for you or your loved one? Salk’s exclusive guide will help you select the right type, size and absorbency that you or your loved one need to overcome negative emotions and get back to feeling comfortable, confident and fresh. We’re here to help you make the best decision.

Reusable vs. Disposable Urinary Incontinence Products

It’s one of the first questions caregivers ask: should I choose reusable (washable) or disposable (throw-away) urinary incontinence products? Convenience, comfort, cost-effectiveness, sanitation and absorbency all play a role in making this decision.

Although they’re convenient, disposable urinary incontinence products get expensive, often in a hurry. Stocking a bathroom cabinet could easily cost a caregiver hundreds or even thousands of dollars or more each year. Reusable incontinence products are a more cost-effective option, enabling your family member to wash reusable incontinence products without worry, and to wear a fresh, clean pair every time.

Reusable products are also softer and more comfortable than bulky, noisy and embarrassing disposable alternatives. Reusable incontinence undergarments look and feel similar to regular underwear and are available in a variety of types and styles, and are also more likely to deliver the perfect fit.

Odor control and sanitation also separate reusable products from disposables. Disposing of a product in a discrete way that doesn’t emit an odor is often more challenging than simply washing a reusable product. Reusable urinary incontinence products are designed to prevent odor and are the most sanitary option.

Absorbency is another key issue. A disposable product may absorb more liquid than its average reusable counterpart; however, the top reusable incontinence aids on the market now are designed for all levels of absorbency, from light to moderate and heavy.  For the best of both worlds, supplement the protection of a reusable undergarment with disposable pads and liners.

Level of Incontinence

There is a perfect product for every level of urinary incontinence, from slight leakage and dribbling to complete loss of bladder control:

  • Breathable briefs for occasional moisture management
  • Moderate to heavy absorbent pads and liners for daily incontinence
  • Overnight briefs and pullup underwear designed to absorb heavy loss of liquid at night

The best selection for your family member’s condition will be appropriate for his/her level of incontinence and will preserve their quality of life.


Finding the right fit is essential for discreet and effective urinary incontinence management. Undergarments that are too small may ride up; undergarments that are too large may gap at the legs and waist. Either scenario creates an opening, allowing liquid to escape.

Disposables are typically one-size-fits-all (another reason to opt for a reusable product). Select protective pullup underwear featuring breathable panels, elastic waistbands and anti-leak guards for better comfort; a closer, more secure fit; and maximum protection against leakage.


Style is another factor for choosing the right urinary incontinence product. There are non-gender-specific incontinence pads, guards and liners designed to fit either the male or female anatomy. From men’s briefs and women’s panties to unisex pull-on nylon briefs, there’s an ideal urinary incontinence product to help your loved one enjoy a better fit that’s comfortable and that meets their specific needs.

Odor Control

Another feature to consider when choosing the right urinary incontinence product is odor control. Certain reusable incontinence products feature antimicrobial protection that stops odor and kills odor-causing germs. By eliminating odor, embarrassment and hassle, antimicrobial protection helps to more effectively manage urinary incontinence.